Brand Spanking New Blog!

I just signed up for the October Unprocessed challenge (seen here) and I decided to start a new blog instead of adding on to my other blog, A Recipe A Day.  I will still be using that blog from time to time but I wanted to keep this challenge separate.

Now, I will be going through this challenge a little differently than some.  I can’t eat whole grains because it makes my gout even worse than it normally is so I use white wheat where I can and generally stick to white pastas, etc.  I switch off between white rice and brown rice and so far so good.  I try not to use much sugar or high fructose corn syrup, etc., anyway so no problems there.

I will not be using boxed mixes or canned cream of soups but I will be using canned tomato products and canned beans.  It’s just easier and as you all know by now, I am basically a lazy cook.

I guess we will all learn as we go through October and I’ll see how good we do…or how bad!

Happy Cooking!


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