Thinking about Strategies

I’ve been spending some time thinking about the whole no processed foods and decided that there is no time like the present so we will start with dinner tonight.  I am making a recipe I already shared on A Recipe A Day but I’ll repost it here tomorrow with a new picture.

There are a few things that I am NEVER going to make from scratch.  Pie crusts and tortillas come to mind.  Sandwich bread is another.  I make bread all the time anyway but not for sandwiches.  I will just buy the best products I can.

I have always tried to buy no fat or low fat products ~ like half and half, cream cheese, etc.  But it just dawned on me that they have to replace the fat with something and many times it’s sugar.  Since I’m diabetic, I do read labels for sugar content and it always surprises me how much sugar the no fat products have.  So, it’s back to the full fat products.  Except for milk that is.  We will stick to the 2%.  I really don’t use too many no fat products anyway so it won’t be a big deal.  I’m also not going to toss anything I already have away but I’ll be working my way through them here and there.

So, I think I will be way ahead of the game if I stop using boxed mixes of all sorts, canned cream of soups, salad dressings, etc., and just sticking to homemade with products I can pronounce.  If I do this at least 60% of the time, I will be happy!  Mr. Meat Eater may be a little harder to persuade, but I’m going to give it a shot.

If you have any suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear them!

Happy Cooking!


2 thoughts on “Thinking about Strategies

  1. I totally agree with you on the dairy products – I also find that when I eat the regular full fat kind, I stay satisfied longer. When we removed the processed foods I did exactly the same thing. I worked through what I had and instead of replacing them I learned to make my own from scratch (pie crusts and tortillas were actually one of the first things). I made up my own pancake mix and store it in an old pickle jar (a large one). I tend to bake large batches of things on the weekend to keep it simple during the week. Good luck – I think you’ll do great!

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