Getting my Ducks in a Row!

Mr. Meat Eater was away on business this week so I took the opportunity not to cook like I always do when he’s gone.

Many of you know I have a huge cookbook collection ~ when I say huge, I mean huge ~ and I spent some time going through one of my bookcases and getting rid of some of the ones I no longer want.  If my friends don’t come and get what they want, I’ll be donating the rest.  I’ve also taken the time to search around the internet and Pinterest for some new recipes to try during the challenge.

Last night, I made the Pioneer Woman’s lasagna.  I’ve never been good at making lasagna but this came out perfect and it WAS as delicious as she said it would be.  I used organic products where I could or the least processed if there was no organic.  I’ll be posting this sometime over the weekend.

The challenge starts for real on Monday and I think I am ready.  I know that I won’t be anywhere near as good at this as some but for us I think it will work.

Good luck to all!

Happy Cooking!


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