Hanging in there…

I have not been feeling well and Mr. Meat Eater has been away on business so I have not been eating and when I do, I eat cereal or cream of wheat of something similar.  So hanging in there on the no processed foods.  Mr. Meat Eater is not on board so I’m giving myself until the 14th and then I give up pushing.  I am going to do as much as I can but still make the Meat Eater his favorites.

I will be keeping up this blog and A Recipe A Day and putting appropriate recipes on one blog or the other.  Clear as mud, right?

Yesterday, I roasted a chicken since it was cold and rainy and it hit the spot.  No recipe since I just cleaned it, sprinkled a pepper and garlic mix on it and put it in the oven.  I served with butternut squash, stuffing made from scratch, a couple of other veg, and cranberry sauce.

Happy Cooking!


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