Getting my Ducks in a Row!

Mr. Meat Eater was away on business this week so I took the opportunity not to cook like I always do when he’s gone. Many of you know I have a huge cookbook collection ~ when I say huge, I mean huge ~ and I spent some time going through one of my bookcases and … Continue reading

Thinking about Strategies

I’ve been spending some time thinking about the whole no processed foods and decided that there is no time like the present so we will start with dinner tonight.  I am making a recipe I already shared on A Recipe A Day but I’ll repost it here tomorrow with a new picture. There are a … Continue reading

Brand Spanking New Blog!

I just signed up for the October Unprocessed challenge (seen here) and I decided to start a new blog instead of adding on to my other blog, A Recipe A Day.  I will still be using that blog from time to time but I wanted to keep this challenge separate. Now, I will be going … Continue reading